Raven and Apollo
Title~ “Raven and Apollo” 2019

The main story of how Apollo and Raven came together goes like this….Apollo, the ladies man (God) that he apparently was got pretty bored one day running the Sun across the sky. He flung a White Raven (may have been a crow-historians haven’t fully decided) to spy on his current Love at the time Coronis only to find her cheating!

Apollo was so angry when Raven brought him the news that he scorched Raven’s feathers Black in his fury and they remain that way to this day.


Title~ “Greenwood TTC Yard”

Fantastic & free entertainment to take young children!  The TTC Greenwood Subway Train Yard in East Toronto.

Took me sometime to varnish this one.  I think I subconsciously want to keep it, a very nostalgic piece of me and my younger boys when they were little.  We often did this, especially in the evening to see the sparks fly!

inkedttc greenwood yardaa_li


Title~ “Yorkville Kiss”

Winter lights, Christmas lights, have always captivated me.  Though much more on the Realism side of painting styles, I used an un-orthodox color palette for this piece including Pink.  True Love in Toronto!!



Title~ “High/Low Blue”

I have been focused on sort of a “split screen” split image pieces of late.  It is similar to how I actually see too often…blotched, half-of, not complete bits during migraine aura.

And I Love this color blue and Birch trees.  A fun piece to do!



Title~ “High/Low Confetti”

A different take on the high/low in vibrant Spring tones.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg


Title~ “Indivisible”

Highly textured this piece is lovely and calming.  An Abstract Landscape with hints of the Northern Lights and Snow.



morning light A - Copy
Title~ “Morning Light”

An Abstracted Landscape of a golden morning at Sea.
morning light detail - Copy



Title~ “Ascension”

Pen & Inking is my first love!  I began doing ink way back in Grade five, Fourty years ago…Egyptian artifacts were my inspiration then.

Over the years architectural design has been a large part of my inked creations.  This can be seen in this piece, a Stairway to Heaven composition.

Combined with watercolor Acrylic washes and colored inks with a steady hand and keen eye. 

Selected for Sweet Dreams & Candy Coated Nightmares: A Group Exhibition Oct 25 – 31 2018 at The Freedom Factory Gallery Toronto. 



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