All Canvases are 2018 (I replace all works available in two year cycles) original paintings created with the finest Artist quality Acrylic paint and mediums with the best Acrylic Polymer varnish out there.

The substrate I use is Deserres own mid price brand (unless stated otherwise) of wood stretched cotton gallery wrapped canvas (3/4″ Depth unless otherwise stated) with a quality gesso primer. I use no other! I’ve tried the cheap brands over the years but I’d rather spend a bit more for the quality and durability of the Deserres.

Direct from me pricing does not include extra vendor/gallery fees added on (which usually doubles and often triples the purchase price). Best value when purchased right from moi!

Long-term projects and special techniques that require the additional process of securely mounting 300 gram papers onto gallery wrapped canvases.  Often a combination of Acrylic washes & intricate Pen & Ink or unique texturing mediums.  Minimum of 6 coats of varnish are required for these pieces.  


Size~ 14 x 18
Medium~Acrylic/Pen & Ink on Canvas mounted Paper.
Title~ “Greenwood TTC Yard 2018”
For Sale~ Available soon.



Size~ 10 x 12
Medium~Acrylic/Watercolor Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “Yorkville Kiss”
For Sale~ $185.00

Winter lights, Christmas lights, have always captivated me.  Though much more on the Realism side of painting styles, I used an un-orthodox color palette for this piece including Pink.




Size~ 14 x 18
Medium~Acrylic on Paper mounted on Canvas  
Title~ “High/Low Blue”
For Sale~ $100.00

I have been focused on sort of a “split screen” split image pieces of late.  It is similar to how I actually see too often…blotched, half-of, not complete bits during migraine aura.

And I Love this color blue and Birch trees.  A fun piece to do!




Size~ 14 x 18
Medium~Acrylic on Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “High/Low Blue”
For Sale~ $75.00

Highly textured this piece is lovely and calming.  An Abstract Landscape with hints of the Northern Lights and Snow.



morning light A - Copy

Size~ 14 x 18
Medium~Acrylic/Micro Glass Spheres/Texture Medium on Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “Morning Light”
For Sale~ $90.00

An Abstracted Landscape of a golden morning at Sea.

morning light detail - Copy



Size~ 14 x 18
Medium~Acrylic/Ink on canvas mounted paper
Title~ “Ascension”
For Sale~ $320.00

Pen & Inking is my first love!  I began doing ink way back in Grade five, Fourty years ago…Egyptian artifacts were my inspiration then.

Over the years architectural design has been a large part of my inked creations.  This can be seen in this piece, a Stairway to Heaven composition.

Combined with watercolor Acrylic washes and colored inks with a steady hand and keen eye. 

Selected for Sweet Dreams & Candy Coated Nightmares: A Group Exhibition Oct 25 – 31 at The Freedom Factory Gallery Toronto. 



 Some examples of 2018 sold works:


Size~6 x 6
Medium~ Acrylic/Clay Medium on Canvas
Title~ “Canyon”

Hot Pinks, Oranges and Sky Blues is one of my favorite color combinations (think of Turquoise Gemstone with Corals!).  Subtly textured and detailed with fine line Black brush strokes.  You may be surprised at how I trim and mangle my brushes to get the just right thickness and contour.  


feildsforeverSize~20 x 24
Medium~ Acrylic on Canvas
Title~ “Rainbow Fields Forever”

We used to travel in the Summer to Salt Lake City when I was a child to visit relatives. Though this is imaginary, this scene reminds me of those times driving through the Nevada desert. My aim was for bold, but not garish, colors of which I believe have been achieved!


festival13Size~14 x 18
Medium~ Acrylic on Canvas
Title~ “Festival”

There is just something about the color and energy that makes a city festival come alive! Inspired by the famous Greektown “Taste of the Danforth” foodie festival held annually in Toronto, Ontario.


Riverdale1Size~ 14 x 18
Medium~ Acrylic on Canvas
Title~ “Riverdale”

Riverdale/Lesleville is another hub within the City of Toronto very close to Greektown. This particular location is a family favorite, especially for snow sledding in the Winter. I have my own memories of my family spending time there throughout the seasons. A somewhat melancholy piece…my children are not little wee ones anymore and I miss those times…


Untitled2018LLaughrenSize~ 10 x 14
Medium~ Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
Title~ “Untitled”

I decided to leave this piece as Untitled. That way, my words wouldn’t alter or influence the spectator’s interpretation. They can form their own story and impression. The woman has her back towards the viewer. As an observer, ask yourself why is this so? Is your answer derived from personal experience? How you view women and their challenges? Or was she hurt from some horrific violent action and is too shamed to meet your gaze?


Where the BeachSize~ 12 x 16
Medium~ Acrylic/Mixed Media/Copper on Canvas
Title~ “Where The Beach Meets My Dark Heart”

The base of this piece has been painted in Acrylic-a loose Seascape with a towering dark building at it’s side. I incorporated designer paper, cotton fibre, and a pressed flower into the design. A handmade custom Copper metal plaque with the etched words “where the beach meets my dark heart” has been riveted to the canvas.

Inspired by Woodbine Beach and the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Toronto.


IMG_20180110_141629Size~ 10 x 10
Medium~ Acrylic on Canvas
Title~ “Cliff”

The cold beauty of being on the precipice of mental illness.


floral11Size~ 10 x 10
Medium~ Acrylic on Canvas
Title~ “Summer Fun”

A memory of a hot, hazy summer day. Soft yellows and greens, the coolness of the dark earth.


seascapeoneSize~ 40 x 40
Medium~ Acrylic on Canvas
Title~ “Abstract Seascape”

A piece such as this is quite technical and requires definitive precise brushstrokes and much layering. Not as easy as it looks in its simplicity!


woodland dancer

Size~6 x 6
Medium~ Acrylic/Crackle Medium on Canvas
Title~ “Woodland Dancer”

What is more enchanting than a wispy woodland dancer?  The Gentleman who purchased this piece certainly was!  Stared at it for a good ten minutes and carried it home upright without packaging.  The Love look that always moves me!


♥ Come visit often ♥ New items monthly ♥ All Art replaced every 2 years ♥ 

~~Please note~~ I the artist reserve the right to copy, print or otherwise distribute my images as I see fit (commissioned pieces distribution rights are negotiated at time of purchase) including after the sale of the original~~

~~pricing is subject to change without notice~~

~~Commissioned works are rated by the hour ($15.00) with an additional supplies and materials fee scale available upon request.  Estimated hours (minimum of 3) is usually accurate and often less! A deposit (50%) and brief contract outlining the details of the piece may be required ~~

I sell locally so look for me creating outdoors during nice weather!!

♥ Pick-up location is at the Donlands Station unless otherwise arranged ♥

To schedule a time please choose from the following options Tuesday through Saturday:

~1:00 pm through 4:00 pm
~7:00 pm through 8:00 pm

***Please note that there is a $10.00 re-scheduling fee***


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