This is a look at my nest…where all of my creativity flows!

Bower bird

A tiny Javan Pond Heron Skull that I am resining for the bower nest!


faux druzy handmadegems.jpg

Behind the scenes: Creating Faux Druzy set on Canadian Coins~~secret process~~

Certainly takes me a long time to move the nest and set it up to my liking!  I’ve been busy though despite my hiatus–predominantly resin casting and rock carving.  In the meantime, enjoy some sun on this rather gloomy day!


One of the products that I am developing is CZ jewelry such as this beautiful ring which will be part of a collection

Violet ring

 I was privileged to restore two fossils and I created paper mache displays for them as well.  The small one I did first…


So after much research and clean-up the finished fossil turned out beautiful!

fossil rusa

I was paid with Red Garnet and a larger fossil to fix up….

garnet and fossil

Turns out it is the same species of Rugosa Coral sometimes called horn coral

fossil2 - Copy

I had a lot of fun working and learning about this fascinating part of Earth’s history.  Even put together an info sheet on parchment paper which will be framed as part of the fossils permanent display

coral for blog