This is a look at my nest…where all of my creativity flows!


 I have been revisiting Portraiture on Paper lately and so love this one! 


Fun times during an exhibition at the Freedom Factory Toronto

My eldest son can really bake!!


During the year I create little pen and ink drawings that I save for when I do my annual Epoxy Resin work in the Fall. Why in the Fall? For me it is the optimum resin season living in Toronto. Not too cold, not too humid! Though I have good air quality control I just don’t care for those possible variations to be present when I resin. I expect perfect Resin! 


be the one

Had to show off my pretty paper Rose!

The Nest is composed of various painting stations…one for prepping, two painting, three finishing, four for curing and lastly off to five….storage for safe keeping!  Above images are works in progress…300+ g paper mounted on gallery wrapped stretched canvas.  My favorite way to paint!  The paper allows for all of the traditional watercolor techniques, very detailed drawings and the bonus of applying heavy texturing as desired.  I love the matte white boarder contrasting with the final many coats of varnish on the painted surface.  These are time consuming compared to my usual method of direct on canvas but the results are worth it!!



Love making these!  Beehive Beads!  The larger holes come in handy for leather and other cording.  

adjustable bracelets A


It is with some sadness while I work on this piece…a dear client couple have lost their beautiful horse of 15 years to cancer.  The painting has nothing to do about that, but sad as I was just starting it with quite a bit of jubilation when I heard the news.


I am already thinking of Christmas, yes I am!  And one of the components that I have been designing is Crystal Bows.  Took quite a few tries to get them just right and I think they will be a nice addition to my Christmas creations and definitely on my Charm Bracelets of many themes!



Like all Bower Birds, I collect a lot of beautiful things.  The most dear to my heart are geological items from around the World.  So this Spring I challenged myself to create a wire wrapped pendant out of every type of Crystal, Gemstone and fossil that makes my bower enchanting. 

I stopped at 100 varieties complete with handmade finished necklaces.  The necklace is made from Indian waxed cotton cord beaded with glass and cast metal beads.  Enhanced with macramé knots and a slider bead at the back for adjustability.

I thought long and hard on an accent dangle for each so decided upon handmade in India glass beads, each being as unique as the pendant.  I added glass dagger beads to the bottom of the dangle for some fun motion.


Bower bird

A tiny Javan Pond Heron Skull that I am resining for the bower nest!


faux druzy handmadegems.jpg

Behind the scenes: Creating Faux Druzy set on Canadian Coins~~secret process~~

Certainly takes me a long time to move the nest and set it up to my liking!  I’ve been busy though despite my hiatus–predominantly resin casting and rock carving.  In the meantime, enjoy some sun on this rather gloomy day!


Violet ring

 I was privileged to restore two fossils and I created paper mache displays for them as well.  The small one I did first…


So after much research and clean-up the finished fossil turned out beautiful!

fossil rusa

I was paid with Red Garnet and a larger fossil to fix up….

garnet and fossil

Turns out it is the same species of Rugosa Coral sometimes called horn coral

fossil2 - Copy

I had a lot of fun working and learning about this fascinating part of Earth’s history.  Even put together an info sheet on parchment paper which will be framed as part of the fossils permanent display

coral for blog

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