All Canvases are 2018 & 2019 (I replace all works available in two year cycles) original paintings created with the finest Artist quality Acrylic paint and mediums with the best Acrylic Polymer varnish out there.

The substrate I use is Deserres own mid price brand (unless stated otherwise) of wood stretched cotton gallery wrapped canvas (3/4″ Depth unless otherwise stated) with a quality gesso primer. I use no other! I’ve tried the cheap brands over the years but I’d rather spend a bit more for the quality and durability of the Deserres.

All pieces arrive with a wall hanging kit & custom packaging.

Direct from me pricing does not include extra vendor/gallery fees added on (which usually doubles and often triples the purchase price). Best value when purchased right from moi!

6″ x 6″ Mini Canvas Mounted 300g paper…it’s never too soon to invest in an Art Collection!  Start small with a very affordable price point of $25.00 and $30.00. 

All are complete canvases with 4 varnish coats and a Matte White border. 


Size~ 6 x 6
Medium~Acrylic/Ink Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “High/Low in Blue Mini”
For Sale~ $25.00

Lately I have been quite taken with the effect of a split image.  As a frequent migraine sufferer (yes I will say suffer!) this is often how I see…bits and pieces at a time.

On a happy note…this was great fun to do!



Or you may choose the top level of Deserres Apollon brand 1″ depth gallery wraps priced at $30.00.  Though twice the cost per canvas the Apollon brand has a more substantial feeling, with a thicker canvas.  4 coats of varnish with Matte White border.


Size~ 6 x 6
Medium~Acrylic/Ink/Crackle Medium Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “Sacred Forest mini”
For Sale~ $30.00

Abstracted forest piece.  Super cool medium creates a Fresco appearance.




Size~ 6 x 6
Medium~Acrylic/Ink/Painting Medium Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “Scratch Black mini”
For Sale~ $30.00

The first “Scratch” to be added to the gallery, Black, Red, Purple I want to do them all!!




Size~ 6 x 6
Medium~Acrylic/Ink/Painting Medium Paper mounted on Canvas
Title~ “Alphabet Soup mini”
For Sale~Sold

Totally Abstract with no deep meaning or intent on my part.  I like dots!



♥ Come visit often ♥ New items monthly ♥ All Art replaced every 2 years ♥ 

~~Please note~~ I the artist reserve the right to copy, print or otherwise distribute my images as I see fit (commissioned pieces distribution rights are negotiated at time of purchase) including after the sale of the original~~

~~pricing is subject to change without notice~~

~~Commissioned works are rated by the hour ($15.00) with an additional supplies and materials fee scale available upon request.  Estimated hours (minimum of 3) is usually accurate and often less! A deposit (50%) and brief contract outlining the details of the piece may be required ~~

I sell locally so look for me creating outdoors during nice weather!!

♥ Pick-up location is at the Donlands Station unless otherwise arranged ♥

To schedule a time please choose from the following options Tuesday through Saturday:

~1:00 pm through 4:00 pm
~7:00 pm through 8:00 pm

***Please note that there is a $10.00 re-scheduling fee***