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Featuring the Wolf pendant!  All hand created including the pen/ink/paint Wolf Portrait Resin Cabochon pendant, the Peyote Stitch bezel and the 18″ Stainless Steel chain.

During the year I create little pen and ink drawings that I save for when I do my annual Resin work in the Fall.  Why in the Fall?  For me it is the optimum resin season living in Toronto.  Not too cold, not too humid!  Though I have good air quality control I just don’t care for those possible variations to be present when I resin.  I expect perfect Resin!  The items that I do offer have passed my strict expectations and have been deemed the best of the best.

I don’t offer many of these throughout the year so they are very special!


♥ Fashion jewelry arrives in a pretty handmade package with anti-tarnish tab.
♥ Please avoid prolonged contact with water, soap and solvents for a better longevity.


I select the best Crystals and Precious Stones for my limited larger wire wrapped pendants. I never do more that 2 of these a month, usually less.  So once again…a special creation only from lorahliemaybe!


Smokey Quartz Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Pendant with Beaded Kumi Necklace

It is my Wish that everyone has something special for everyday. A memory. A feeling. A moment unique to them♥

Stylish, high-quality, hand made this-is-me jewelry. Because everyone has a touch of nostalgia and more than one faucet of themselves to express.

Who doesn’t need something classic for every day and something trendy and fun to celebrate the season? And unique pieces for the people, pets and special moments you cherish. With energized crystals and minerals to help you get through the day (and night).

How do I curate my pieces? I listen to what you want—and use my finely honed feel for fashion and an innate ahead-of-the-trend intuition.  I keep one eye on the style blogs and fashion magazines and the other on what’s going on in the Gems industry. I listen to my heart and gut and let the magic happen!

I craft unique pieces —to my quality levels and for great prices—sometimes designing an inspiration for years before public release so that the final form gets to you in days and weeks-not weeks and months.  I do what I do so you can show the world who you are.

Styles with intricate beading and other specialized and expertly done details. Crystal, natural gemstone, fossils, polymer clay, metal, resin or a combination of elements make these special and unique. All are handmade and not commercially produced. I often test run a design to see for myself on how they wear. If a clasp (for example) description says it is very durable….that means it is a tried-and-true clasp that has been tested for years!

Because I care and want your beautifully crafted jewelry to keep it’s shine for a long time ALL jewelry Orders receive a handmade anti-tarnish Heart!

Ready for gift giving…you will be amazed at the presentation and packaging of your creation!

~Contact me for local orders, custom or to reserve an Item~


Save the Tag!
When your handcrafted item has a lorahliemaybe tag then it is a genuine handcrafted item by lorahliemaybe! (as of April 1st 2018). If in doubt please contact me!

Save 5 tags and you can choose any one item (up to $100.00 value) created by me for free to thank my frequent taggers!

Any ONE Gift item of your choice (does not include shipping or delivery)

Custom and commissioned creations (not eligible to be redeemed as a gift) though they do receive a tag. Expires April 1 2020.


Process & Materials

Value, durability and beauty is foremost in my creative process. I utilize a wide range of suppliers to get the best price and pass the savings onto you! I make the highest quality Fashion (sometimes called “Costume” or “Trinket”) Jewelry available.

All are plated metals (925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, etc.) unless noted in the listing.
2″ extender chains are available in Silver, Gold and Hematite for an additional $2.00 (some items extender chain is included).

All beads (glass, stone or bone unless noted) and Crystals are of the highest quality from a variety of manufacturers including Miyuki, Precosia, Czech, K9 and Swarovski brands. I use a wide range of sizes with 15/0 being the smallest and 6/0 being the largest for different forms of beadwork in addition to “large hole” beads 1mm or larger.

Though I do offer items made with Swarovski crystals at a higher price point I more commonly use Precosia brand ranging in sizes from 2mm up to 12mm. All CZ crystals are of grade A or better quality with the highest price point.

I process most of the Rock Crystals, Gemstones, Precious Stone, Minerals and Fossils myself. This may be cutting, polishing, carving and faceting depending on the item. I also self gather local Stone, Fossils and Beach Glass.

Stone/Fossil purchases include a descriptive card about the Stone, it’s location of origin, metaphysical properties, care, and other interesting information.
All Gemstone beads are typically Grade A and higher and I avoid processed and dyed (though some are just too pretty to resist!).

Resin creations are always made with ArtResin brand polymer resin set in optimal conditions resulting in a very hard set that will last for many years. Simple cleansing with a bit of vinegar on paper towel is usually all that is needed.
Polymer Clay creations are never brittle, rubbery or tacky! Resin may be applied for extra strength but not always.

“Beehive Beads” are my own creation…mixed polymer clays twisted to resemble a beehive. Resined for super gloss and strength. Some (Beehive Beads with Crystal) even have meticulously placed tiny crystals!

Cadmium, Lead & Nickle free (with the exception of man-made Crystal)

Wire used in stone wrapping is always quality tarnish resistant or permanently enameled finishes and cut “properly” so there are no sharp edges to snag on clothing etc.

“Knot Fusion” is a 2mm blend of micro macramé and Kumihimo braiding. I would describe the Macramé part as appearing like pebbles while the Kumi reminds me of snakeskin. The finest cotton fray-resistant cord makes for a soft and comfortable accessory. A beaded strand with quality beads with no less that 10 varieties, including 4mm Stone, Porcelain, Miyuki Tubes, Miracles and others cleverly woven amongst the fusion cord along with 1mm fancy fibre cord to create a unique braid. The lower portion of one side had 2mm Waxed Indian Cotton cord (unless otherwise specified) interchanged for the Knot Fusion as a finishing touch. Generally used for Lariat necklaces though sometimes also used for bracelets & universal chains.


What is your passion? Do you enjoy reflecting what you are about in the jewelry that you wear? Is it a way you express who you are? Your feelings for others?

Do you love down time and spend it at the cottage or at the beach?

Do you exist for nights on the town?

Do you crave travel and vacationing the hot spots?

Do you invest in one of a kind, handcrafted art for your home, give handmade artisan gifts to your friends, and are excited to spend your weekends perusing art events and craft shows?

Do you have a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination?

Or are you, like me… multi-facetted? I often wear a Chakra bead lariat necklace at home but love some glamour like a CZ drop necklace or a rarer stone statement piece for a night out. And in the summer funky organic pieces uplift me and make me feel happy.

If you love spending time in nature, you may be drawn to jewelry that is nature themed (like my Cobalt Blue TO beach glass pendant) or jewelry that incorporates elements of nature, such as natural stones like the Unisex Black beach stone found in my catalogue.

If you crave adventure, you may need jewelry that travels well and can be versatile and worn with multiple outfits as you are jet-setting to your next destination to Rumba in Cuba or zip-line in the Amazon. Versatile jewelry such as my “Universal” beaded chains serves that need.

If you are an art enthusiast, you may enjoy wearing jewelry inspired by Avant Gaurde or a statement piece that will turn heads and start up a conversation. My Hammered Copper Heart pendant and others are mini works of wearable art.

If you are a free spirit who takes the road less traveled, bracelets like my Butterfly Bronze and multi-fibre creation has a perfect blend of rustic and organic elements.
For those nights on the town and glamour is a must, I recommend my Peach Druzy earrings!

I invite you to peruse my jewelry catalogue to find your next accessory expression. I would love to know what speaks to you! 


Blue Goldstone and Kumi Necklace

I sell locally so look for me creating outdoors during nice weather!!

♥ Pick-up location is at the Donlands Station unless otherwise arranged ♥

To schedule a time please choose from the following options Tuesday through Saturday:
~1:00 pm through 4:00 pm
~7:00 pm through 8:00 pm

***Please note that there is a $10.00 re-scheduling fee***

I do ship within Canada with e-transfer payment. $4.00 is the base amount for most jewelry. Heavier items the shipping cost can be estimated for you.


I always package creations very pretty for gift giving (hand made box or jewelry card)and include either a handmade notecard or tag (or you may request a full sized card of my thoughtful choosing for $5.00!)

I use a wide variety of paper craft techniques including annual mini Lino printing, painting, cutting etc. I cut them myself (my current sizes are 3 x 3 for notecards & 5 x 5 standard) and create the co-ordinating envelope as well.

My signature logo card (the stencilled Chick-a-dee) is 5.5″ x 7″ is  hand-painted, glittered and stamped!  A cheery chick-a-dee with glitter detail created out of quality card stock and sewn parchment paper inner liner. Glitter applied by hand to the berries & Gold paint on the stem. Handmade white envelope embellished with a custom floral scroll antique style stamp made by myself just for this card.  Parchment paper inner liner color randomly varies (beige’s, blues, greens, and pinks) and is hand decorated on the right corner with Red paint.  Please specify if you would like a sealable or non sealable                                                     handmade envelope with scallop edging.   $7.00 

During seasonal holidays I create cards specific to that celebration.

Occasionally I offer sets of six notecards and “deluxe” 5 x 7 cards that include handsewn embellishments, sewn inner parchment liner and other specialized craftsmanship.

My available card repertoire is always changing. These are some examples of what you can expect for all occasion cards (with the exception of the baby themed that snuck in).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For me presentation is half the fun!


logo image 2017



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