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Revisions, revisions, revisions!


packaging promo2

Hope all of you had a fantastic festive time during the Holidays and the New Year is treating you well!

The New Year is ringing in a lot of changes here at lorahliemaybe.  As you will notice I have decided to de-clutter my blog and keep it more minimal and (hopefully) on target about Art, Art events in Toronto and the creative process.

With that clean-up a brand new e-commerce store to showcase Stone Jewelry & Paper Craft has been born.  My goal there is to concentrate on both the geological & metaphysical gloriousness of Gemstones.  Obviously that will take a lot of time & dedication to get it up to my standards but so far I believe it looks quite lovely!

Always appreciative of  “what-you-would-like-to-see” comments perhaps you can have a quick peek-a-boo and check it out @ Paper Heart Jewelry

What I really want to talk about today is packaging.  I have been pondering on this, especially for  local pick-up, for quite sometime.  Even considered posting a FB survey about it but really I think I knew the answer myself.  Often I wrap them up all nice and pretty for their protection but I decided that maybe, just maybe, closing them up isn’t ideal.  Especially for new clients that have never met me before.  For all they know I have wrapped up a bundle of newspapers only to flee!!

Thus a custom slip cover with a fold down flap is the answer.  I still use brown craft paper for this purpose for protection during it’s travel.  However the client can easily have a look while I get to decorate it to my heart’s content!

Here’s a gander at my solution!  A rudimentary example but it gives the idea:

packaging promo

As I was working on crochet flowers for a project I threw them on!

The flowers are for the theatrical production of “Hair” to debut at Hart House Theatre Downtown Toronto opening later next week.

Wishing you all well and bye for now!

hair promo photo 


On Being a Bower Bird June 2016~




As usual I could not let this glitter flutter by.  I held it in my hands not sure what I would do with it but all that glitters intrigues me.  Though it is meant for some form of nail sculpting I fantasized the sparkling shapes and colors running through my hands, being applied to clay, paper and seashells.  Further decorating my current bower.

My first bower was an old nut tree.  A tree cave whose center branches reached upwards to the distant blue sky.  The outer branches heavy with prickly nuts swooped down to the ground in a graceful arch.  It was my secret place.

This is where baby ugly lived.  My baby ugly, a naked and dirty doll with holes punched into her lips and crotch.  So she could eat and then defecate wild choke cherries, their purple blood forever stained her chest where it dripped in sticky rivets.

Sometimes I’d wrap her in leaves or a toilet paper dress while I swept the bare ground, it’s gnarly roots poking out far enough to trip the not-so nimble.  A broom made out of branches that blew the dry summer dust all around inside the bower.  What I would have given to have glitter back then.  I had popping green seed pods and sickly sweet cotton tree fluff instead…….