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Super quick update on some of the Community Projects that I am currently a part of in the East End of Toronto…so happy to share my skills and expertise on a broader scale!

As part of a pilot project for Toronto Community Housing Corporation as an Art Facilitator/Coordinator for the East End TCHC tenants!  This combined with the continuing Community Gardens at 2 Phin and this year’s Community Barbecue!  All Co-coordinated with Michael Winnett-photographer extraordinaire!

And as a part of the “pocket” community I am on the Steering Committee for development of the “Pocket Hub House”- a Clubhouse located at Phin Park.  This is a years long project that will continue the Pocket Community Association’s (member of) outreach programming for many events and community involvement.

Very exciting times indeed that at some point hope to bring Workman Arts Foundation (member of) at some point in my Arts Practice Development!


Though my “talents” are not a secret…I am happy to have been invited as a participant!

Join me and selected Artists for this event on the final day of One Brave Night!

I will be featuring my minis, papercraft and jewelry creations including hand worked Gemstone, Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Filled & Peyote Stitch pieces.

There will also be a super raffle-all visitors receive a ticket at no charge with no purchase necessary for your chance to win!

Come for the Art, come for the Entertainment, or just to be a part of!

Friday May 10th @ CAMH-Queen Street site-Community Centre Mall from 10-2pm!

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My most ♥♥♥ item!  And of course it is Canadian!

amonite pendant5


My children are always on my mind and in my heart each and every day!


I’d like to feature the first art show that I was involved in since my cancer journey began curated by the very busy Lauren McKinley Renzetti….

tending the wallflower invitation 2

Woodbine Park Companions

Woodbine Park Companions”  I have loved photographing the Mute Swan and the American Black Duck for the past eight years. The Swan’s mate was busy in the marsh with their nestlings.

child canvas art 010

One of the very best compliments ever……a young lady called wishing to interview me for an essay she was working on for school.  I had never met this young person, but I was so delighted to hear from her! 



Pencil Sketch Picture Effect:

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#Artist’s Life: Summer



east end

A colorful vignette upon the mantel at the East End Arts new location at St. Mathew’s Clubhouse situated on the South End of Riverdale Park, Toronto. Artist Unknown.

I managed to attend a few summer artsy events this year including “Postcard Flash Fiction” put on by East End Arts with facilitator Hunan Hazime. She really seems to get around the city with a number of get-to-gethers including locations such as Workmans Arts and Inkwell Workshops!  It was a pleasure not only  doing some quick writing (the group exercise was especially fun), perusing 1950’s Postcards that Hunan picked up in some London Ontario shop, and seeing a few familiar faces…one of which must be at least 5 years since I saw her last!  And bonus…we sat cozy peering through the windows at the torrential downpour flooding Toronto during the afternoon.

flash fiction

My local neighbourhood community group The Pocket Association also kept people busy during the summer, including a nearby Jewish Cemetery Tour (I hopes this happens again in October), Movie nights at Phin Park and Art in the Park events.  Speaking of Phin Park…it’s new official name (previously Phin Ave. Parkette) had a celebration for new signage.  

No…that is not the new signage stuck to the tree!  This was the very first minute of one of the Art in the Park events.  I am very busy making a butterfly mask.

phin park art - Copy 

I made a pit stop to Arton’s Beads before they switch ownership after 30+ years supplying Toronto’s bead o’holics.  This area on Queen Street West is a popular area for tourists to take photos with iconic murals as the backdrops.

Toronto Mural

With summer winding down I have been preparing for a few September outdoor events as a vendor.  A sponsored spot by CAMH during the Queen West Art Crawl (Sept 22nd) and a table during the Pocket Party (Sept29th). Will be my first year for the Pocket Party (includes a beer garden I believe) so really looking forward!  Both are celebrating 15 years for these events.  Because these are low/no-cost-to-me-events my prices will be the same as website! And per the Pocket a donation will be made from each sold item (including $2 small bracelets with the funds donated directly to the PCA) from moi!  

During these events I will be launching this years “minis”…   6″ x 6”  paper mounted on  canvas paintings for $30.00.  I’ll write more about these in the Baubles section once they are available on-line later in the Fall.   A little peek at the minis to end your day!                                             

minis preview - Copy.jpg                            

An Interlude…A Bit About Me


IMG_20180116_144125 - Copy

~I’ll always paint…even when I inevitably become completely blind~

I was born an artist, one of those children fascinated with patterns and colors….the preschooler me admired glittering plastic sea-shell beads strung as a necklace endlessly for their shape and texture. I got in trouble for art, would attempt to make “frescos” out of pillaged plaster powder, crushed watercolors and Styrofoam meat trays. It didn’t stick very well but the colors were soft and pastel.
My first exhibited piece, a pen and ink drawing of roses, was displayed in the Vancouver Art Gallery when I was in grade nine. Aside from that I was a secret artist. In my twenties I left my job to paint for a year and my television companion was Bob Ross from the PBS painting series. I watched and listened absorbing all of his knowledge. For a time I too used his “magic white” oil paint.
I discovered acrylics, so clean and versatile, and my mentorship with Bob ended. I began to enter competitions, selected three years in a row for the North West Coast Regional Art Show, the beginning of many exhibitions. I also became the Art Instructor for the City of Prince Rupert and taught a wide range of programming for all age levels.
I now work freelance from my home studio near Greektown in Toronto Canada. Over the years I didn’t really establish a “set” method of creating visual art. I’m an experimenter. Mostly painting in Acrylic but I also work with Encaustic, Lino, Graphite, Ink, Paper, Fibre, Clay and Resin.
Most people don’t know that I have vision in just one eye. I think it has confused art critics at times…I’ve had them say that my paintings are “astute” and “have a lot of depth despite not being three dimensional”. I am a visually impaired Artist. A hidden disability that I have learned to live with. I think it helps me actually…the world looks two dimensional to me anyways and translating that into a flat image comes easy. I’ve always relied on color theory and spatial contrast to get depth.
I research and watch a lot of documentaries on artists, past and present. One of the things I have noticed is that it is often commented upon how the artist’s style changes over time. It occurred to me recently “maybe it’s just age…their eyesight just isn’t as clear as it once was”.
That is happening to me. Age, medications, and radiation treatment for Cancer are all effecting my “good” eye. I’ve decided to relax my “style” and method of painting. I have awesome color awareness so that will still be a focus of my craft. But the days of extremely detailed and hyper-realistic work is over. People that have known me for a long time are noticing this change…and they like it! I’m leaning towards Abstraction, and Abstract Landscape. It’s always been “fun” but now it is a matter of function and energy level.
However, I’ll always paint…even when I inevitably become completely blind.