Edited mares
Title~ “Mares”

I used to ride horses on my Grandma’s farm when I was young.  My favorites were the miniatures!  All of the colors that their fur contained and the fluffiness of their manes and the fur on their feet.  Sure…I loved the big horses, especially the old Roman Nose workhorse that was kept beyond retirement.  He was mean, snarly and a biter.  But not to me, after all, I was the waif girl that danced with the bulls!


I dream in icecream
Title~ “I Dream in Ice-cream!”

When I was a child my family would go to White Cliff in the summer sometimes, a beach area outside of Vancouver.  Best times of my childhood!  My parents had a huge circle of friends; shall we call them vagabonds?  Bikers, thieves, dope dealers…you get the picture.  But being with a hundred “Aunts” and “Uncles” during the White Rock pic-nicks were some of the best memories of my life.  The freedom, food, music, the beach, the ocean (and being stuck out there on a small islet if one wasn’t wary of the tide).  Teenagers making out partially nude.  Some of the scariest memories too but this painting isn’t about that.

I played with texture and pure color on this…for that is how my mind’s eye remembers it.  Dreamlike, hot, melting.  Like ice-cream.


Title~ “Resistance”

Are you a water baby? I sure am. I’m always amazed by the power and strength of the Ocean and all of it’s magical movement. I have done so many paintings with a water element, one of my fortes one could say. While working on this with a very wet-on-wet technique (spraying streams of water from my spray bottle). 

I went back in time to when I was in grade school.  One of my creative escapes I used to do to cope with PTSD.  This thing with India Ink and a straw…which I loved and found totally fascinating. No…I didn’t use a straw for this piece!

This piece has been selected for the book cover for The Unexpected Sky: New Writing from InkWell Workshops, Vol. 2. (2018)

I really wanted this and thrilled I got it!! Kathy Friedman (co founder and Artistic Director of Inkwell Workshops) said my image is “gorgeous” and that my artist statement is “powerful”. Those words mean a lot to me. Not only is my visual art validated, but my photography and writing skills had a big kudos!


color strip
Title~ “Color Strip #1”
For Sale~ $35.00

A fluid, textural, subtly colored desert meets plains inspired piece. #1 in the “Color Strip” 2018 series (in progress).

Where exactly does land meet water meet sky?


AlienFieldgood edit
Title~ “Alien Field”

Soft, light-filled, textural, loosely stylized Abstract “Field”. I would describe this as water-coloury and reminiscent of my long-ago West Coast paintings.

Misty in appearance with evident brush strokes done with my favorite jagged brush! A freely inspired painting that did it’s own thing. The “X” that developed in the center of this piece was not a plan~just happened. Perhaps it is an Alien Landing Port…?


Title~ “Siesmic”

What is it like to stand on the edge of a volcano? This is my interpretation of when one is about to explode! Can you feel the reverberation?


Twilight trees3
Title~ “Twilight Trees”

A soft, brushy display of Abstract Trees during the Twilight hour. Long shadows, a coldness, perhaps Winter. A subtle blend of Blues, Greens and Purples.


Title~ “Encroachment City of Life”

While I was working on this piece I was thinking about how cities can overcome coastal natural areas…encroach upon them some might say. However, cities often have their own beauty merging within the natural landscape.

Built up with thin layers of paint and unconventional colors. I seem to get fixated on a certain color for a while and this piece contains the mesmerising shade of Green that I am currently quite taken with.

“Encroachment City of Life” and “The Mighty Vibrance” were both selected for…The City: A Place of Acceptance or Adversity. (2nd issue of Workman Arts’ Online Literary Publication 2018).


Title~ “The Melting Point”

Fire is a fascinating subject. Transformative, healing, destructive, beautiful, inspirational, powerful, fluid, dancing…need I go on? For this piece I favored Orange, Yellow and Pale Fuchsia (you may notice there is no Blue or Purple, or Green…other fire colors). Loosely inspired by the Dufferin/Queen underpass.


Title~ “Agonizing Blossoms”

Implementing the technique of swirling the brush loaded with paint onto the canvas.  One of the fun wet on wet techniques that I taught children and adults alike.

The deeper meaning of this piece has a darker side visually and emotionally.  You may notice that the perspective is an Arial view, often experience with disassociation. 


Title~ “Pink Dawn”

I swear Lake Apsley Ontario has the most vivid Sun Rises and Sun Sets in Ontario.  This little painting is full of vivid light and color and brightens any space.

Reminiscent of my early 1990’s Landscapes (and beyond) which have always been popular.


Title~ “Serenity 1” 

Rainy days in wild places.  The calm before the storm.  The wind flowing free.  This is all serenity to me.


Title~ “Confinement”

Often it feels as though there is no way out of emotional turmoil.  Confined, secluded, a personal jail sentence. 


Title~ “The Mighty Vibrance”

My interest in cities converging with rural/untouched areas continues with this piece.

I was also thinking of Bugs Bunny cartoons!  A big part of my life when I was young and would run away (I was a city dweller) to more rural areas (often Burnaby Mountain) for the calming effect nature had on me during distressful times in my home.

“The Mighty Vibrance” and “Encroachment City of Life” and  were both selected for…The City: A Place of Acceptance or Adversity. (2nd issue of Workman Arts’ Online Literary Publication 2018).


Title~ “Eternity”

A wet on wet multi-layered piece.  A place where time has no purpose.


Title~ “Topsy Turvy Sea”

Another study of brushstroke technique and what it can achieve.   Quickly rendered to evoke a clear sky and rolling sea.  Little triangles symbolize my favorite sea vessel, Sailboats!



Title~ “Canyon”

Hot Pinks, Oranges and Sky Blues is one of my favorite color combinations (think of Turquoise Gemstone with Corals!).  Subtly textured and detailed with fine line Black brush strokes.  You may be surprised at how I trim and mangle my brushes to get the just right thickness and contour.  


Title~ “Rainbow Fields Forever”

We used to travel in the Summer to Salt Lake City when I was a child to visit relatives. Though this is imaginary, this scene reminds me of those times driving through the Nevada desert. My aim was for bold, but not garish, colors of which I believe have been achieved!


Title~ “Festival”

There is just something about the color and energy that makes a city festival come alive! Inspired by the famous Greektown “Taste of the Danforth” foodie festival held annually in Toronto, Ontario.


Title~ “Riverdale”

Riverdale/Lesleville is another hub within the City of Toronto very close to Greektown. This particular location is a family favorite, especially for snow sledding in the Winter. I have my own memories of my family spending time there throughout the seasons. A somewhat melancholy piece…my children are not little wee ones anymore and I miss those times…


Title~ “Untitled”

I decided to leave this piece as Untitled. That way, my words wouldn’t alter or influence the spectator’s interpretation. They can form their own story and impression. The woman has her back towards the viewer. As an observer, ask yourself why is this so? Is your answer derived from personal experience? How you view women and their challenges? Or was she hurt from some horrific violent action and is too shamed to meet your gaze?


Where the Beach
Title~ “Where The Beach Meets My Dark Heart”

The base of this piece has been painted in Acrylic-a loose Seascape with a towering dark building at it’s side. I incorporated designer paper, cotton fibre, and a pressed flower into the design. A handmade custom Copper metal plaque with the etched words “where the beach meets my dark heart” has been riveted to the canvas.

Inspired by Woodbine Beach and the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Toronto.


Title~ “Cliff”

The cold beauty of being on the precipice of mental illness.


Title~ “Summer Fun”

A memory of a hot, hazy summer day. Soft yellows and greens, the coolness of the dark earth.


Title~ “Abstract Seascape”

A piece such as this is quite technical and requires definitive precise brushstrokes and much layering. Not as easy as it looks in its simplicity!


woodland dancer
Title~ “Woodland Dancer”

What is more enchanting than a wispy woodland dancer?  The Gentleman who purchased this piece certainly was!  Stared at it for a good ten minutes and carried it home upright without packaging.  The Love look that always moves me!