Laura Laughren (lorahliemaybe) is a Vancouver born self-taught diverse artist who lives in Toronto Canada.  As a member of Workman Arts she centers her visual work in a variety of mediums and techniques as well as craft and seamstress work. She examines such topics as addiction, mental health, and social justice which enables the exploration and understanding of the world around her.  Through her varied experiences she keeps her approach fresh by continuing to experiment in various mediums.   She is drawn to encaustic because of its soft and sculptural appeal and is fascinated by the viewers’ response.  That they must touch the surface.  Skilled in all forms of acrylic painting she also does three dimensional paper Mache including kinetic art and paper quilting.  Laura’s work has been exhibited in solo, group and juried exhibitions in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

“Bismarck” March 1941 on the Baltic Sea

I was born an artist, one of those children fascinated with patterns and colors….the preschooler me admired glittering plastic sea-shell beads strung as a necklace endlessly for their shape and texture. I got in trouble for art, would attempt to make “frescos” out of pillaged plaster powder, crushed watercolors and Styrofoam meat trays. It didn’t stick very well but the colors were soft and pastel.

My first exhibited piece, a pen and ink drawing of roses, was displayed in the Vancouver Art Gallery when I was in grade nine. Aside from that I was a secret artist. In my twenties I left my job to paint for a year and my television companion was Bob Ross from the PBS painting series. I watched and listened absorbing all of his knowledge. For a time I too used his “magic white” oil paint.

I discovered acrylics, so clean and versatile, and my mentorship with Bob ended. I began to enter competitions, selected three years in a row for the North West Coast Regional Art Show, the beginning of many exhibitions. I also became the Art Instructor for the City of Prince Rupert and taught a wide range of programming for all age levels.

I have become fascinated with the process of lino block printing and encaustic painting.  I find these mediums  most suitable for children themed works, but some paintings also remind me of carved alabaster, and others have an ethereal quality.

Paper Mache and paper mixed media painting have simply taken over my life, and through those I am able to combine all of the elements and techniques that I love.  Hope you enjoy my diverse collection of craft, encaustic, lino and acrylic paintings.


Being Scene Juried Exhibition

Workman Arts
May 2012

“Delerium” was selected for Workman Arts 12th Annual Juried Exhibition. Exhibited at U of T, Gladstone Hotel and Workman Arts.

John St. Farmers Market

June 2012 – October 2012

Organic farmers market featuring independent artists, musicians, gourmet coffees and edibles in the beautiful GrangePark, Toronto

Now…What r u Waiting For?
Propeller Centre For The Visual Arts

October 2012

Two pieces, “Opal’s Essence” and “Opal Waiting” selected for the exhibition.

Touched By Fire

Touched By Fire

October 2012

“Fly” lino/watercolor print selected for the Touched By Fire 5th Annual show and sale. “Fire and Ice” donated to Mood Disorders Association of Ontario for Annual Fundraising Event during Touched by Fire @ Cooper’s Fine Art Gallery.

Solo Exhibition

November  2012

Solo Exhibition at Full of Beans Coffee House and Roastery.

2013 Year of the Snake Print Exhibition

Proof Studio Gallery

January 2013

International artist’s exhibition.  Venues for this annual exhibit included Toronto, Ottawa, Muskoka and Concordia.

Sage Print Show

April 2013

Group show at the the Sage Café hosted by Jerry Silverberg.

Art Fusion Toronto 2013 (January, May)

January 2013 Daniel Spectrum Centre

May 2013   Mel Lastman Square

Participating Visual Artist

Featured Artist @ Swag Sisters Toy Store

January 2013

Exclusive Encaustic children’s canvas art available at Swag Sisters Toy Store 1511 Gerrard St. W.Toronto

“We Were all Children” Solo show @ CAMH

A body of work consisting of children’s Encaustic exhibited in the CAMH Client Library May 14th-August 14th 2013.

Square Art Circle Exhibition at B1 Lounge

Square Art Circle

June 2013

Exhibition and art auction at the exquisite B1 Lounge, Toronto, Ontario.  Hosted by Daniel Anaka

Architecture of Mad: An Exhibition of Art by Mad People

Mad Pride Toronto

July 2013

“Under Siege” selected by Jury to be exhibited during the Mad Pride Festival. Exhibition Opening Ceremonies July 11th, 2013.



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