Welcome to my blog!  Here you will find an eclectic summary of my life, Art for Sale and info about my Jewelry Creations.  Hope you enjoy! Remember to  support and like my FB page Lorahliemaybe Inspired Thank you!!!

You may notice some changes around lorahliemaybe…all Jewelry & Greeting Cards are now at

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Super quick update on some of the Community Projects that I am currently a part of in the East End of Toronto…so happy to share my skills and expertise on a broader scale!

As part of a pilot project for Toronto Community Housing Corporation as an Art Facilitator/Coordinator for the East End TCHC tenants!  This combined with the continuing Community Gardens at 2 Phin and this year’s Community Barbecue!  All Co-coordinated with Michael Winnett-photographer extraordinaire!

And as a part of the “pocket” community I am on the Steering Committee for development of the “Pocket Hub House”- a Clubhouse located at Phin Park.  This is a years long project that will continue the Pocket Community Association’s (member of) outreach programming for many events and community involvement.

Very exciting times indeed that at some point hope to bring Workman Arts Foundation (member of) at some point in my Arts Practice Development!


Though my “talents” are not a secret…I am happy to have been invited as a participant!

Join me and selected Artists for this event on the final day of One Brave Night!

I will be featuring my minis, papercraft and jewelry creations including hand worked Gemstone, Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Filled & Peyote Stitch pieces.

There will also be a super raffle-all visitors receive a ticket at no charge with no purchase necessary for your chance to win!

Come for the Art, come for the Entertainment, or just to be a part of!

Friday May 10th @ CAMH-Queen Street site-Community Centre Mall from 10-2pm!

FinalOBN flyer.JPG



My most ♥♥♥ item!  And of course it is Canadian!

amonite pendant5


My children are always on my mind and in my heart each and every day!


I’d like to feature the first art show that I was involved in since my cancer journey began curated by the very busy Lauren McKinley Renzetti….

tending the wallflower invitation 2

Woodbine Park Companions

Woodbine Park Companions”  I have loved photographing the Mute Swan and the American Black Duck for the past eight years. The Swan’s mate was busy in the marsh with their nestlings.

child canvas art 010

One of the very best compliments ever……a young lady called wishing to interview me for an essay she was working on for school.  I had never met this young person, but I was so delighted to hear from her! 



Pencil Sketch Picture Effect:



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  1. So much to see and thinks about-you are a very graceful writer-I like your politics you seem to get that the powers that be create poverty then step on those they’ve abused!!!!

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